Penguin Bloom

In the year of 2013, a boy named Noah Bloom (the one in the picture below) found an abandoned magpie by the roadside when it was just a few weeks old. He brought it home and decided to adopt it. Due to its black and white plumage, Noah named it “Penguin”. Since then, Penguin formed an inseparable bond with Noah’s family.

Noah’s family includes his father Cameron, mother Sam, and their three children, Rueben, Noah, and Oli. 

“We took it in because I believed I had the time and energy to let it live safely and healthily,” said Cameron Bloom, the father. “My best friend is a veterinarian, so I knew the formula for feeding Penguin, and it took half an hour each time to prepare its food.”

Now, Penguin and Noah’s family live very comfortably together. “The kids love it and have gotten used to having it around,” said Cameron. “When Penguin flies around the room, it likes to sing, and it also enjoys flying onto your head or sitting next to you and pecking your ear. In the morning, it even sneaks into the room to snuggle with us or the kids for a while. When the kids are brushing their teeth in the morning, it even sticks its beak in their mouths to help. In addition, it likes to dine with us. The joy that Penguin brings us is immeasurable!”

Cameron is a professional photographer and he created a dedicated Instagram account for Penguin to capture and share heartwarming moments of Penguin with the family. Penguin has now become a social media sensation with nearly four thousand followers.

At the very outset, Druid Technology specifically contacted Mr. Cameron and obtained permission to use his photos. In today’s deteriorating global environment, Druid Technology is spreading the heartwarming story of Penguin and Noah’s family to the world, hoping that people can pay more attention to their own Earth while rapidly advancing.

Adhering to the ideal belief of “connecting life and nature,” Druid Technology has always been committed to using its independently developed DEBUT series animal trackers as a pivot to build a biological ubiquitous network. This network establishes a bond between humans and nature, helping humanity explore the magical laws of nature and protect the sustainable development of our Earth.

With Druid Technology, there has never been a boundary between humans and nature.

Movie Penguin Bloomstarring Naomi Watts, has been released in 2020, making the story of Penguin the Magpie more widely known to the public.

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